140121 Donghae’s handsome face is bruised for the first filming of ‘Rumors’

High schooler??
It still suit you, though >,<
Even the bruise make you handsome ❤❤❤

Compilation: OCN “God’s Quiz 4″ Drama & “Rumour” (The Youth) Movie with Donghae


After the news broke out of Super Junior Donghae’s starring as a lead role in upcoming movie ‘Rumors’, fans are already looking forward on what charm is he going to present this time.

Producer Jino from Team Onesound releases a photo of Donghae along with a message, “After the first shooting of Donghae’s movie !! Please give a lot of support for a good movie and good actor!!:)”.

In the photo, Donghae is wearing a suit with a jacket. Donghae’s handsome face is bruised for the first filming which leave

fans excited. They commented, “Did he have fist-fight for the 1st scene already?”,”Bruised handsome face is so hot!”,”Looking forward for school president Donghae.” and  so on.

Donghae will be playing the high school president council Jung Woo in the movie.

Source: www.dkpopnews.net
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