Haeppy Birthae….


생일 축하 해요.

It’s your birthae again… ^^
29, right?? It means you are officially an ahjussi now… ㄱㄱㄱ

Like the other years, I’ll always wishing you a happiness. Coz it’s the only thing that matters in this world right.

Do what you love. Always smiling, always grinning. Keep your innocent heart and innocent eyes.. ^^

I’m sorry i can’t give you a present this year. I mean i can’t write a fanfic present for your bday. Too many things happens in my life at the same time lately. My oppa wed, my uncles wed, my moving out, my uni, and so many.. My little brain can’t handle it anymore.

So, i’m sorry.. i dont have anything for you this year. *pout* padahal tadinya aq mau bikin doodling tntang ulang tahunmu sebagai hadiah *i’m really in love with doodle currently* tapi sayang i’m too busy.. miannn~~

But you too, so many things happens around you lately right? I know it must be hard. But stay strong and as i say, always be happy…

And i wish i can see you in this Sushow 6.. Maybe its the last concert before your army enlistment right?? So, i really wish we can meet.. ^^

So, one more time,

Happy birthday my favorite
flavored ice cream Lee Donghae. ^^


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