October 15 2013 —- 00:30

Ini yang kedua, eh… yang ketiga(?) *iforgrot* kalinya aku ngirim this fanletter for your birthday. Well, bukan mengirim sih. Lebih tepatnya menempelkannya disini dengan impian suatu saat nanti akhirnya kau bisa bahasa Indonesia dengan lancar xD, menemukan ini dan membacanya. Kemudian mengeluarkan ingus saking terharunya. ❤ Hahahahaha…. Impian aneh yang aku tau PASTI terlalu aneh untuk bisa terwujud.


생일 축하해이동해

(Saengil-chukae dear Hae-hae)

This year, STILL, I can’t manage to meet you. I’m sad of course. But somehow, I don’t feel as bad as I feel last year. I don’t know, maybe this time, finally, I can lessen up a bit my feels for you. sorry.. ,__,

You know, just like I said before, for me you are an ICE CREAM.

These past years I think I eat too many of you. Make me too addicted, too obsessed. Every day I spend my free time searching all about you. Doing all fangirling stuff. Searching through tumblr, blogger, wp and many others. But No.. Not twitter. kkk~ (I think twitter and I doesn’t get along really well). Reading fanfiction, crying over your drama, kissing scene, hugging scene, nempel-nempel scene 😦 , youtubing, download every video of you and spend all over my 1terra hardisk just for you and other member. You know, I’m an expert in this fangirling area. ^-^

Tapi sekarang aku harus membatasinya. Cause “addicted” never means good. And you help me a lot. Delaying your comeback really help me. Tapi aku gak tau gimana kalau kalian comeback lagi nanti. Maybe I’ll be back being a stalker?? Maybe~~

But don’t worry… I.will.never.stop.fangirling.over.you. Coz without fangrling my life is too flat, too damn plain and boring.

I know it sound so cheesy, but Lee Donghae thanks for being… you.

You, maybe the biggest inspiration for me. Cause you are the one who make me realize what exactly I love.

Before finding you, I never thought about writing. I do love books, I do love making scenario in my head *-* but I never put it into words.  And then you came, dan entah darimana aku punya keberanian membuat blog ini dan memposting my very first fanfiction about you. It so amazing for someone who never have any confidence like me.

And now, I love writing so much.. Not something I good at, but something I love at. And it all thanks to you, coz someone say, ‘finding something you love is better than finding something you good at.’

So Lee Donghae, I hope you enjoy your birthday. 15 october is all yours. Just stay healthy and always be happy. Rest enough, (I think you have your rest enough, seeing you can spend your vacation going around Europe, right?”)

Thank you for being such a wonderful part in my boring life. As a fan, I will always trust you. Please, be innocent as always. Stop hiding behind that ugly shades. Let me see your beautiful-perfect-shiny-little kid-eyes.. ❤

And please try a little harder untuk tidak terlalu bergantung pada Lee Hyukjae. I’m worried how you can manage in army, years later… ^^ Hahahaha… Little Kid, Lee Donghaek,,,,

I still love you, don’t worry. I still need at least one scoop of you every day. 😀

Happy birthday my favorite flavored ice cream Lee Donghae. ^^


En lihat gimana cintanya itu Lee Hyukjae samamu xD. Sampe spamming fotomu sebanyak itu. ^^ Sebenarnya ada berapa banyak fotomu yang tersimpan di ponselnya?? hihiihhihihih 😀 😀

And I love this face.. What kind of expression is that?? *siapa yang ambil mainanmu??* I can’t stop smiling in the middle of night.. feat Kyuhyun oppa in-his-own-world face…



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