Xingie~ Happy Birthday….


I have a thing with this cute dimple kid. Belum lama kenal EXO en juga belum tau banyak. I just love some of their song. Tapi setelah lihat-lihat video perf, en variety show mereka. I think I fall with this kid. Somehow, he gave me ‘a Lee Donghae aura’.

His dancing, I mean not about their dancing type, just how they dance. They are a really amazing dancer but not the ‘showy’ one. Tau kan maksudnya?? Great at dance, but never show ‘I am the king’ expression, or another cocky one.

His side profile, ada beberapa foto yg aku liat terkadang mirip mas Dong. I know I have a bad eyesight, but I feel it.

His off and on stage image, it’s really like mas Lee Dong. Cool, Charisma, Amazing while dancing on stage. But a pabo, forgetful, too cute, and just like a 5 years old on off camera.

Ahh I don’t know… Or maybe I’m just too obsessed with Lee Donghae?? *shrug* En trnyata mereka cukup dekat. Ah, my two fav people… ^^

And after searching all about him, yes I like this kid. (kalian juga pasti suka kalo tau cerita tentang dia). His pure heart kelihatan di birthday message yang dia buat… Kata-katanya begitu keren. I never found a touching birthday message llike this from an Idol before. (except a letter from Teukie before his army enlist)

Intinya sebenarnya birthday message ini menyentuh hati saia. En pengen tempelin disini, biar bisa dibaca-baca kalo saia berpikir untuk ‘give up my dream’.  Coz “Dreams are not that far away, you just need to do your best to achieve it.

Zhang Yixing, Happy Birthday ~

[TRANS] 131007 EXO-M official website update: Birthday message
(The message is quite long, but do take your time to read this message that came from the bottom of LAY’s heart :))


There’s 365 days in a year, and at the slow rate of 24 hours per day,
a year and a half has passed~ This one and a half year is filled with too many surprises, too much gratefulness, too much sadness, too much proudness.
I get a chance to communicate with all of you every time I celebrate my birthday~
So for my birthday message this time round I would like to tell all of you things from the bottom of my heart, is that alright? ^^
When I was studying I’ve never thought that I would be able to stand on the world’s stage one day.
To be able to sing for all those people who supports me, it might all just be a dream.
I just want the songs that I composed to receive recognition, or at least do something with my own potential when it comes to music.
And right now this dream, because of SM entertainment and all of you that have helped me along the way, became true!
But I am confused, confused with what I’m supposed to do next.
I might still be the kid that have yet to grow up, but my job gave me a huge sense of responsibility,
Let me grow up, let me walk on with the responsibility on my shoulders!
On this path, I can slowly feel myself changing, and changes can be either good or bad.
Like what I’ve said before, I just happen to have a really unique job.
I want to be just like the rest of you, what I want is also like the rest of you, I am no different from all of you.
I’ve been gaining recognition these days. But I have never felt satisfied before!
Never give up! I aim to achieve the best results!
I want to tell all of you who supports me, I do not want you to feel disappointed when it comes to my potential!
Maybe its because of this kind of mentality I am always in my own world,
like no one else can understand me.
Friends have been encouraging me on the phone. When I think of all the heroes that are supporting me, I realise that I am a very blessed person, and that I should be feeling satisfied.
But if I can’t achieve perfection, will you continue to support me?
I always say this to encourage myself
“Dreams are not that far away, you just need to do your best to achieve it.
Although we may lose sight of the wonderful things in life during the process, but we can always hope that there’s rainbow ahead of us!” Don’t you think so?
Behind our birthday support that looked really simple, how much effort have all of you put in?
And all these efforts came from all around the world.
All of you gave me a pleasant little surprise that didn’t last long, but it probably a year of planning, a month of preparation, and a day of waiting.
I see all of your sincerity, and I felt it. It has been tough on all of you, thank you.
I really liked it when I see all of you raising signboards to support me, and I like hearing all of your cheers, but when I see all of you falling asleep due to the long waiting time, throats sore from all the cheering, and bruises from all the squeezing…I felt very selfish.
I can only hope that all of you can take good care of yourselves…do not get hurt, do not get upset over anything, and even if you are upset, do not be afraid!
Because I will be here to write songs that can heal you!
At the airport a fan asked me “Is my carefully prepared gift different from other fans’ handwritten letters? Why won’t you accept it?”
I couldn’t answer her, all I could say was sorry, so sorry.
I’m still thinking right now if the decision to accept only letters is wrong…so now I hesitate even when it comes to accepting letters.
Actually, I understand that all of these came sincerely from all of you, I know,
But you being able to watch one of EXO’s live performances, buy one of our albums, or for fans that live far away, you wishing me a happy birthday from the bottom of your heart silently to yourself etc,…these are already the best gifts for me!
I heard that there are fans that saves up all of their money just to buy our album or presents for us
And fans that spent all their money to support us…I know, actually we are all people of the same age.
Money doesn’t come easy, every cent requires hard work.
So I hope all of you can spend your money wisely instead.
There’s a lot of people out there around the world that needs every bit of help they can get, so its our wish to be able to help others, but when it comes to money, please be careful!
There’s a misunderstanding here, that can cause all of you to donate money blindly…
Which is when it comes to helping people, it is a must to donate money. That is not the case.
When it comes to helping others, we can do voluntary work etc~~~
I hope that all of you can think of yourself and your parents first before giving me presents or donating to help others.
Buy some clothes for your relatives, buy something that you like for yourself or for your family, nutritious food products and so, to strengthen up your body.
After all of that, then help those in need with all that you can~ If you do that,
That is also the best gift for me!
I would like to receive these kind of gifts every year~
And I hope that you can like us with your family~
Sitting in front of the TV or watch our performance live with your family is good isn’t it?
To support us you also need energy right?
Do take good care of your body, if you don’t how can you support us with passion? I know all of you are the best, of course you can do it!
And as for me~ I only have one head~ one neck, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet and a body,
All of the clothes you send me, I have enough already, if I don’t wear your gifts, you will feel sad.
I can’t wear all of them~ If I don’t you must be thinking, is my gift not nice? Not good enough?
All of your gifts are great! Its good! Not only gifts, but videos on the internet, messages too…
All of it are sincere! I love of of it! I just hope that all of you can feel happy everyday!
Protect yourself~ Love yourself~ Presents are not important!
Still the same line, your love for me is the best gift!
Your support is also the motivation for me to walk on!
Thank you for everything~ I love all of you~
Trans by Planet_exo

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