[071112] Daily Diary…

A Letter to Me,

Today is your birthday again, right?? Before this day end, Me, as your heart has something to ask from you.

Please protect me.

Stop thinking whether people like it or not, whether people hurt or not. You have to think about me first.

Don’t let anyone hurt me anymore. I’m your heart, it’s your job to protect me.

During this period, I’m always the one who stand for you. I’m always the one who shielding over you. I’m the one doing your job. Stop asking me to hold on for you anymore. I’m already broken. Being a shield for you this past ‘sucks’ years, i’m dying. You never protect me, you just let people doing anything to me. It hurts. It really hurts, have to protect you and me at the same time.

But this year, since today, i won’t do it anymore. It’s your job, do it. Don’t just stand still when people hurting me, fight them. It’s easy. At least you can do that, right?

Don’t let anyone trample over me again. Don’t just keep silent, nodding your head, smiling, while in the night you cry your lungs out alone in your room. Say NO when you don’t like it. You can yell, you can curse, you can scream. Just say it out loud, so people understand. God give you a mouth to talk.

I’ve been hurt so many times that even a little word can break me. With you always hiding behind, you will never know how to heal.

Even the world, even those jerks pushed you over, use your foot to stand up again. There’s no one kind enough to give you a helping hand. People keep teasing, looking down on you, coz you only know how to run away. You make them have no respect for you.

You’re not a kid anymore. Believe in your self. You have to stand on your own feet. You only have me. When i’m not doing it anymore, who do you expect to do it for you??

I’m sorry. I know this is harsh for me to say. But it’s because i love you. I just want you to be stronger.

Today, let’s make a promise. You have to protect me. And in this world, lets live stronger. With a smile, lets live this life nicely, and peacefully.. ~~ Happy Birthday to us~~


Your heart, the other part of you.


2 thoughts on “[071112] Daily Diary…

  1. Saengil chuka hamnida Yeonng. . !!!
    Hopefully you always be haeppy. be haealty. and always do everything what you want to do. .
    Aja aja fightinggg !!!!

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