October 15 2012 —-

Dear Uri Hae-Hae,

So, today is your birthday again, right??
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ poor Lee Donghae.. There’s no Lee Hyukjae right??
How dare that monkey go in your special day. Nappeun myeolchi!!
I heard he going around Netherlands and Belgium with his family, leaving you… T__T

Stop crying becoz that nappeun myeolchi, coz you have another member. They even give you an early birthday party. That show how much they love you.. You must be happy..

Maybe this year is not an amazing b’day, not only because that myeolchi go holiday without you, but also bcos your leader, your fav hyung, will going for enlistment.

But don’t worry too much. You have a strong, a great leader. Just be a good boy and wait for him. *don’t cry too much too*

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I always ask you to stop crying, while actually I like to see you cry. *don’t pouting at me*

It’s because when you cry, you feels like a human too, just like me. Not a star, a beautiful star, who only knows to smile and make people happy. You are Lee Donghae, a shining star who knows to smile and also cry.

As always there’s no wishing for you, coz you already have everything. Just stay healthy, like you always said to us..

Don’t ever thought being a bad boy just because they said girls like ‘nappeun namja’ coz I definitely like a good boy like you. A ‘nappeun namja’ doesn’t suit you after all…

Don’t ever stop smile coz you never know how your smile can brighten someone’s day. *I mean my day*

And Finally, HAEPPY BIRTHAE~~~

NB: Don’t be mad, but you’re an AHJUSSI now!!! Bye-bye~~


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