[020412] Daily Diary…

Place : In My Room
Mood : Down
Felt : Heart Aching
Music : Everybody’s Changing – Keane


Today, someone had broken my heart… He said i’m still like a child. Childish

I don’t know whether he mean it or not. But i still feel the pain. Here, inside me.

He said, he doesn’t have bad intention with that. He just say, in his eyes, i still like a child who likes to whine. No bad meanings.

But the way he talk before he realize the sudden change of my expression is serious. Like he mean every word he said. And it makes me so down. The pain just like you just been stabbing behind.

Now i wonder,

Am i a burden?? For every people around me?? Is that what people think all this time?? Am I make people around me feels so tired??

I know, sometimes when i’m in my good mood, i will talk too much, laugh too much, whine too much.

I also like to throw tantrum. I can’t stand by myself. I can’t be alone, and always cling into others, and so many childish things…

The only thing I can’t understand, is why my heart aching?? Is that because he said the truth?? Is that mean becauseย  i have to admit what he said??

Actually, Am I really that bad?? What should I do now?? What can I do to change??

Nb.Thanks God I can hold my tears, in front of them… ๐Ÿ™‚


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