October 15 2011—

Lee Donghae-ssi, Annyeong…..

When I wrote this, I wonder why there’s no picture update in your twitter about your birthday, maybe a picture of member smashing you with a cake like the other member have when they have a birthday.

Did they forget your birthday again?? Omo~ nappeun member XD…

Or maybe you are so busy with your schedule?? I think that’s the answer, coz I’ve been see your hectic schedule, and maybe you have no time to think about your birthday.

Anyway, here I am to say::


This is my first time to celebrate your birthday, and actually I’m waiting for this day. I, myself doesn’t know why I’m so excited about your birthday, am I love you that much?? =,=”

What?? You asked me why I don’t have wishes for you?? You know the answer, why you have to ask??

Coz you already have everything. For me, you already have what everyone wishes. Or maybe I will give you one wish, to make you stop pouting at me, kke–

I wish you will always have your beautiful heart, your angelic and childish heart, the thing that make me fall in love with you. Please, don’t change.

And now back to my country.. XD

Sebenarnya aku gak mau cerita soal yang ini, agak memalukan soalnya. Errr- aku ikutan project ulang tahunmu, heheh… Dan yang pasti tidak berharap untuk menang (gak deng- berharap dikit) , kau sendiri tahu kemampuan menulisku masih payah. Hanya untuk ikut berpartisipasi bersama seluruh ELFISH merayakan ulang tahunmu..

Mmm– sebenarnya aku juga mau ngepost sesuatu untukmu semalam, tepat jam 12, tapi apa daya.. modem tidak mendukungku.. Berani-beraninya dia kehabisan pulsa saat aku ingin mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun untukmu.. Sorrryyyy..

And sorry, I can give you nothing. Coz I have nothing to give. Aku gak bisa ngasih kue, bunga, ipad, ato bintang seperti orang lain kasih untukmu.. Karena saya hanyalah Elf melarat.. hiks..hiks..

I know this words means nothing…

I know this feeling also means nothing…

And I know eventhough I scream my lungs out just to say happy birthday for you,

You will never ever know about it..

But, you know what??

Your smile is the only thing I need..

Lee Donghae-ssi..

Love, Love and Only HaeLove

Cho “eL” Narin


P.S Sangat Lebay?? Maafkan saya. It’s just because I love this alien boy named Lee Donghae.

Another P.S
Before I publish this one, finally I found this picture in your twitter… Si Kyu ikutan mampang tuh..


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