~New Planet, HaeLien Home~


This is a new planet I’ve been found. A planet where My Alien, named Lee Donghae and Me have a Story-.

Our planet also need some water to make it grow up beautifully, so

~ Please Leave some comments

Even just three words can make me really happy. It means that someone out there read my story.

And it will support me to make another one. ^.^

~ No Need to Bash or Something Similiar

It’s just a Story, a 100% Fiction. So, there’s no need to angry or bashing me.

~ Let’s make Friends

When you leave your comments, it will give us something to talk..

So let’s make friends-

Okay, that’s all I think. Thank you very much for Coming, Reading, and Commenting.

Love, Love and Only HaeLove,


12 thoughts on “~New Planet, HaeLien Home~

  1. Annyeonghaseyo Putri imnida. 95 lines :D. Jadi, aku bisa panggil author-nim pake apa ya? Eonni? Atau chingu? Hehe
    kemarin aku ngubek-ngubek Sujuff dan pas nemu ff ini jadi deh aku langsung suka deh hehe jadi aku mampir.
    Aku boleh ngubek-ngubek blog-nya kan?
    Bangapseumnida, author-nim~ 😀

    • Annyeonghaseyo Putriiii….
      Mau dipanggil onnie juga boleh..*saya harus mengakui kalo saya sudah tua*
      tapi dipanggil apa aja juga boleh koq…

      Iya, aku baru2 ini ngirim ke sujuff. ThenKyu sudah mau mampir..
      Diubek2 boleh, diobrak abrik juga boleh, asal jangan lupa ninggalin tapak monster(baca:komen)

      Jangan segan-segan mampir…
      Mannaseo bangapseumnida…
      Annyeong~~~ *lambailambaibarengHae*

  2. admiiinn^^
    pgn ikut posting ff dong^^
    oh ya, @yeonng nya aku search gaada terus. admin follow aku ya, ntar aku folback langsung >>> @dnticntik25. gomawoooo 😀

    • @Yeonng_
      Pke grs bwh dibelkng…

      Posting ff gmn mksdny???
      Biasany kan posting ff di tmpt kumpulan ff gt.. Bkn ditmpt khsus untk 1 couple…
      Ato km mw posting ff tntg donghae-narin???

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