Hello or Goodbye…

If destiny tells that they will go…Let them go with their wings GOD.

But, If Your Command tells that they will stay with me…

Let us be together forever under this briliant sky,

Let us..


That’s what I wrote the day when I thought she will leave me.

She ever told me that She wants to move to another school leaving me behind..

That day I was really sad, and makes me become an evil. I even pray to God that she will not past the test.. How cruel I am. I know that.

I realize that it’s because I love her. She’s my best friend. Eventhou we just met for six months but she had reached the high level in my life.

I even thought that she’s the trigger of my smile. I’m an introvert. I’m not used to smile easily. But with her I found how to smile even laugh out loud, and become an open hearted person. And I though that we’re meant to be together.

And it makes me thought about it again and again and I realize. How could I call my self a friend if I pray something bad for my friend??

And that’s why I wrote that and pray to God to make it the way He Want…

But that’s just a PAST

Yes, it’s just my past… I don’t know what happen between us in this two years.

We even doesn’t talk to each other anymore. There’s so many problem. There’s so many mistake and there’s so many misunderstanding.

I don’t know who’s the one to be blame. Me or You??. But I’m sorry I have to tell this.

I’m tired always feeling guilty everytime we argued. I am always the one to feel really sorry everytime we fight eventhough I know EXACTLY that’s your fault but I always blame my self for that..

And now I really exhausted. I can’t stand it anymore. I hate seeing you still happy even after our fight while I was like a insane people cry alone..

Does this meant nothing to you?? Or do you just pretend that you’re okay?? I’m sorry I don’t know. I’m not a mind reading. I wish I am.

I don’t have any energy more. I’m give up. I always hope that we can fix it, that we can back like we used in the past and say Hello like the first time we met. Like everyone called us before ‘a soulmate‘. But I’m quit. Stop wishing. There’s no Soulmate anymore. There’s no best friends anymore. There’s no friends anymore. There’s no You AND Me anymore. It’s just You OR It’s just Me.

We just stuck in the same place. There’s no one want to be the first one to choose. And now, here we are. A stranger. A stranger who have to live in the same environment. In the same condition. A stranger who doesn’t have to choose Hello or Goodbye.


Just a silly note from a silly people… tidak bermaksud untuk menyalahkan atau niat buruk lainnya…hanya sekedar curahan hati… Don’t take it wrong…


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